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Identity Confirmation Not Working?

New Community Member

Identity Confirmation Not Working?

I've recently signed up for PayPal and upon receiving my 1st payment, to my surprise it was stuck on "waiting for you". My wallet states that "to send, spend or transfer money from your balance, confirm your identity" with a hyperlink embedded.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 5.57.43 pm.png

Upon clicking the hyperlink the page says "we verified your identity / Your account has been restored. You're all set"

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 5.53.50 pm.png

yet when I return to my wallet the same issue is present (same message and hyperlink in my wallet).


I've already called and messaged support, to which the response was that it is a "technical issue" and that it is "currently being worked on" but it has persisted for a few days. Just wondering if anyone has had/is having similar issues and, if so how to resolve said issue.


Any help is appreciated, thank you.


Re: Identity Confirmation Not Working?

Hi, I had the same issue and saw someone suggested using the app. Can confirm using the app to transfer money works! Seems like this is a website error. Good luck! 

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"confirm your identity" issue on my Wallet, click the pro...

"confirm your identity" issue on my Wallet, click the prompt and says my account has been restored but after you click the wallet its still the same issue??? i tried to call Paypal's customer service but been waiting for ages and no one answers the bloody phone??? really disappointed!!!