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I cannot receive a text message from pay pal

New Community Member

I cannot receive a text message from pay pal

After i received an email from Pay pal entitled " The way you access your account is changing please confirm your phone number" 
After i log into my account i get PSD2 regulation in the EU Change the way you log in"

I press "Next"
It asks "Enter your confirmation code"

It is supposed top send a code to my mobile phone and i receive nothing whatsoever.
I have retyped my phone number in and nothing.
If i press resend it says "Failed to send after i tried 10 times or more"
I never received it in the first place.

If i ignore it and press continue, all i get is "Enter this code"

I do not know what all this is about.
It does not work, it is ridiculous.

It means i have to give up using pay pal because there is no way that i can get this to work !
Pay Pal has no email address, no online advisors, just search engines.
It is the most ridiculous system i have ever seen.

I had no problems with it before.
All i can see online is advice about text filtering from my Internet service provider?
I haven't a clue what that is?
All i know is my phone receives texts like anyone else except for this from Pay Pal.
What is this all about?
All i want to do is use Pay Pal as normal without all this.
It does not work


Re: I cannot receive a text message from pay pal

I have the same problem. I thought i would just close my acct and open a new one - but then i get the same issue... I cant receive a confirmation text in order to confirm my phone number. I spoke with my phone provider and there's nothing wrong with my phone.


Has anyone found a fix to this problem?