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I can't update my postal address


I can't update my postal address

I want to change my postal address, I followed your instruction to go to setting, but there is nothing about "Manage all address" , the 'address' shown is " billing address " only, no other address I can find to do updating.

Please tell me where is "MANAGE ALL ADDRESSES", I have spent one hour finding it...... no way! I feel really sad.

Please reply.


  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Click Manage all addresses under "Address".
  3. Click Update under the address you want to change.
  4. Enter your changes and click Change Address.


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Re: I can't update my postal address



I went straight to it.

I clicked on profile (cog icon next to log out) > addresses is right in front of you > add an address OR edit an address.

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Re: I can't update my postal address

Your reply told me that the 'address' is right in front of me, The address right in front of me is "Mailing Address" = my account's address, I can see it and I know I can add a new address or update my address. what I mean is when I purchase something I want the item to be shipped to an address (Postal address), there are several addresses in my Ebay account as postal addresses, some of the addresses I want to delete it so I want to update the postal address but I can't find it.


Anyway maybe I need to change the address on Ebay website when I do the purchase, but not on Paypal website.