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I can't access my Paypal account! HELP

New Community Member

I can't access my Paypal account! HELP

I cannot log into Paypal! 


I'm really surprised that I was able to log into the Paypal Community, but even though I'm logged in on this part of Paypal, it STILL won't let me log into the actual Paypal site to access my money.


I obviously know my password and my email. The problem is they want verification through the phone number on my account, but it's a phone number I haven't used in about ten years! I had no idea it was connected to this account. I have contacted Customer Service and they verified that I am the user of this account (duh!) but the only thing they're able to do is to send me an email to change my password (even though I know my password). I tried this and it didn't work, so what did they do? Sent me another email to change my password and tell me it's MY FAULT that I can't log in. I asked them if they could change the phone number on my account since they were able to verify that it was my account and they said that they can't do that. 


Does anybody know how I can log into my Paypal account? I've tried clearing my cache and cookies. Nothing works. I just want to be able to access my own money.