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I am not receiving the One-Time-Code SMS


I am not receiving the One-Time-Code SMS

Hello there.
I am trying to log in on another PayPal account but when I click on Send Code i do not receive anything. I checked with my mobile provider and everything is okay on their side. I used to get the code until 1 month ago when it stopped working. What do I do about this?

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Re: I am not receiving the One-Time-Code SMS

I had the same problem since Dec 14. Suddenly, I stopped receiving the sms code and I can't log in until now. Almost everyday I've been trying to reach out to Paypal. They kept referring me from one phone number to another number to another website etc. And then they told me to create a new account and just request for a fund transfer. I immediately did that. They said I will receive a call. Until now I haven't received any. I've been trying to contact them thru live chat to follow up but it always give me an automated reply. Customer service is terrible! I'm beginning to think its a scam...