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How to deal with those **bleep** from PayPal

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I'm beyound crazy. If I have a representative of PayPal in front of me I will kill him in a heart beat.

I created account to recieve money, my friend send me money but I couldn't confirm my number in time, and now everytime I try to log in it says "We couldn't confirm it's you". And that's it NOTHING MORE.


I cannot access my account with my money! I'm beyond crazy, I'm telling you the truth I'm able to drastic measures. 

I cannot contact them since I'm not in the US and contacting them will basically mean lose all of my money that I NEED. 


I will literally have heart attack some day over these lowlife **bleep** worst humansbeings on the Earth. I hope their whole families dies.


Do you know how can I resolve this? I'm beyond crazy guys, this is predatory behaviour towards your clients.


How to deal with those **bleep** from PayPal


Quote: "those **bleep** from PayPal"


Those Authoritarians from PayPal.

How to deal with those **bleep** from PayPal

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As you have not added your country to your profile (so we can see when we hover over your username) or said in your post which country you are in then sadly can't advise.
Paypal varies a great deal country to country so you need to tell us where you are on this worldwide community forum.


Also why is it paypals fault that you didn't finish confirming and verifying your account before selling and accepting funds?

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

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