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How to change for business account to personal account?

New Community Member

How to change for business account to personal account?

I would like to ask for help regarding the "account alert" on my account. It says "we need some additional information to confirm your identity as the account owner" and it's asking proof of business registration.

I already confirmed my identity as a personal owner by providing necessary valid documents. My concern now is I can't provide proof of business registration because this is not a formal business. This account is just for receiving payments from sideline jobs (podcast editing) and I don't own a company or I don't have tangible products for sale. I only upgraded to a business account so I can have the option of making subscription buttons for recurring payments.

Please advise. I'd be happy to go back to personal account but please help me how to make subscriptions buttons there or will you retain my subscription buttons (recurring payments) if I downgrade to a personal account?

Or are there any other options I can do to retain my business account and remove the account alert?

Thank you so much in advance.