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How do I stop Notifications to messenger


Re: Facebook Messanger

Outrageous. Totally unacceptable this far from when the problem was first reported to not have the option to turn off this data sharing that I did not approve. It is unauthorized data sharing by Paypal.


I'll be filing a consumer complaint against Paypal with the California Attorney General tomorrow. I think that in the current environment, complaining about this to the Calif. AG is very timely.




Re: How do I stop Notifications to messenger

HERE IS WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS.  In FACEBOOK, click on the actual MESSAGE you received from Paypal (via Messenger). Click on the OPTIONS Gear Button on the Top RIGHT. You will see "Mute Conversation", and then "Delete Conversation" and the 3rd one down says "Turn Off Messages". THAT is the one to click on. Turn OFF your message notifications and it will automatically stop this extremely Annoying and intrusive feature.  To confirm you did it correctly log into and at the very bottom it will show that you turned off messages from Paypal. FINALLY. Something that actually works

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Re: How do I stop Notifications to messenger

This does NOT WORK.


There is no option to do what suggested on the provided "solution" for business accounts


-If you do it from Facebook you are not solving the problem you are just muting it.

-If you do it from Facebook, Paypal WILL still send your transaction information for facebook to use for tracking, advertising and other things that are a  violation of PAYPAL privacy agreements.

-The fact that you cannot opt out from this so called "feature" from within Paypal, means they are in violation of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and they can be sued for this.


Please Paypal be reasonable, stop playing dumb, you know that deleting the facebook conversation does nothing since you keep sending the financial information of your customers, give us an option to opt out of this on all types of accounts.



Re: How do I stop Notifications to messenger

Keep this thread alive and make these a-holes accountable. This WILL end up in court and the media when it gains enough traction. We're not dumb! Give us the chance to opt out and disconnect PayPal completely.