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How do I stop Notifications to messenger

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How do I stop Notifications to messenger

I accidentally linked my PayPal acct to my sons messenger account. How do I disable this? He is now getting messages from all my xmas purchases for him!


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Re: How do I stop Notifications to messenger

Hi everyone,


Sorry to hear about the difficulties with this new feature and thanks for your feedback.  We've passed this along to our product team.  PayPal receipt notifications in Messenger is still a pretty new feature so we're still working on getting all the bells and whistles added.  Smiley Happy   I've included instructions for how to turn off the notifications below:


Update:  If none of the below options are working for you, please try using this link.

Note this can only be used to disable the notifications.  You can also get this link by responding to the Receipt on Messenger with "turn off notifications".  Then click the "Update Notifications" button.



Update: February 17th


Thank you everyone for your feedback about this new feature.  The security and privacy of our customers is one of our top priorities and we regret any difficulties this new feature has caused.


I want to clarify that the only way for this feature to be enabled is by opting into it after completing a PayPal checkout.


An option has now been added for personal/premier accounts to disable the receipt notifications from the PayPal account.  We continue to work with our product teams to enhance this experience.


The setting can be accessed here:

SOL8784 - messengersetting.png







Block Notifications in the Messenger App:


1. Tap "Manage" in the upper right corner of the app conversation with PayPal.





2. Choose "Manage Messages"





3. Toggle "Notifications" to off.




4. Alternatively choosing the "Turn Off All Messages" option or deleting the conversation in Messenger should also help prevent receipt notifications.


On Messenger Desktop:

1. Visit and login to view your message inbox.

2. Select the conversation with PayPal

3. Check "Mute Notifications" on the right side of the page.




4. Alternatively click the "Manage Messages" option on the right side and choose to block messages.  You can also delete the conversation in Messenger to block further messages from our Facebook page.


If you see a helpful post, please accept it as a solution or give the author kudos. Smiley Happy Thanks!
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Re: I don't want receipts sent to Facebook Messenger

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FB Messenger

I received a PayPal notification through my FB Messenger. I do not want these two accounts linked and do not ever recall agreeing to this. How do I change that notification setting and unlink these accounts?

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Re: FB Messenger

To op-out of Facebook messenger and unlink Paypal from Facebook.


1. Go to Facebook
2. Go to Settings (Top right on your navigation bar with the inverted triangle)

3. Go to Payments (Left navigation bar)

4. Go to Account Setting (Top navigation bar)

5. Look at Payment Methods and click remove that appear next to paypal

I don't know why but Facebook automatically link paypal as a payment method even if you don't puchase anything. This should remove Paypal from messenger.

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Re: FB Messenger

I hope this works... it's creepy as heck.

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Re: FB Messenger

Does not work. Paypal doesn't appear in my Facebook payments but I still get receipts through Messenger. I never opted in to this and Paypal customer service will NOT address my complaint. I am really concerned about my privacy now and am coming very close to closing the Paypal account I've had since 2002...

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Re: FB Messenger

Yeah, WTF is this all about. I don't recall setting anything up and all of a sudden I get annoying receipts in FB messenger when I pay using paypal. 


Re: FB Messenger

This is helpful:


I used the Facebook Messenger webpage and deleted the conversation with PayPal.


I don't know how Facebook got access to my PayPal account, and I worry that there may be some memory of this connection within the bowels of both FB & PP.

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Re: FB Messenger


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Re: FB Messenger

This BS and is a huge invasion of privacy across unrelated accounts.

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Re: FB Messenger

I totally agree that this stinks. But the really sinister part of it is, how did Paypal find my Messenger information. I have Paypal linked to eBay, but no other platform. How can I erase my Facebook login from Paypal? The "Manage" button in the referenced article only manages my relationship to that payer. It doesn't unlink Paypal from my Facebook. And none of my Facebook account settings mentions Paypal.