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How do I get my new PayPal account Verified into Verified Status?


How do I get my new PayPal account Verified into Verified Status?

Good day,


I had a PayPal account only two days ago, was linked to my First National Bank (FNB) bank but I couldn't change my email address. PayPal wouldn't allow me to change my email address.


So I closed my account and re-opened a new PayPal account to put in my new email address under the same name and addresses, added the same bank card details on my new account. I went to the bank and changed my bank account's email to the new email as well and they unlinked my old account from PayPal successfully.


Now I am ready to Link my new PayPal account to my "same" FNB bank account online. However this was unsuccessful and the Error it gave me said: Your PayPal account Status is Unverified! So I need PayPal to Verify my account to enable me to successfully Link my FNB bank account to PayPal but there are no option as to where or how I must do that? I need PayPal to send me a Link to Verify me "My I.D. or Passport/Drivers License and anything else you need to Verify my account Status"



Here are x2 JPEG images attached to show you what it said when I tried to Link my FNB bank to PayPal.


So I need to get my PayPal account Verified but how? PayPal hasn't sent me a link or anything on which I can upload my I.D. as verification.