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How can I close my PayPal account!????

New Community Member

How can I close my PayPal account!????

I hate PayPal. How terrible is their service at this 21st century! Their helping center sucks as hell. Not to mention it services so many online frauds who don't send out products after you paid and also releases all your credit card information at the same time!


All I want to do is to close my account, yes close it FOREVER. Then I found I can't?!!!!!! The system let me contact their "HELP CENTER".  


Oh well.... What a HELP CENTER. You were told need to wait for HOURS for their reply!! Even all other online services now can reply my message in few seconds, in this 21st century, after the Pandemic pressure. I don't understand why PayPal is still so slow????? What are they busy with????? Not with their customers??????


I also called their service line. No luck! Their dear robot heard me to closing my account, hang up my call twice!!!!!! What a genius robot!!!!




Can anyone let me know how to close my account! ANYONE, ANY ALIVE PEOPLE in PayPal THAT DO THEIR WORK!!!!