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How can I close Paypal account if I can't login?

New Community Member

How can I close Paypal account if I can't login?

A couple of months ago I changed my ISP and subsequently lost all email addresses with the old of which was what I used to login to Paypal....somehow that login is still working on eBay but I am unable to get into that account to close it.   My worry is that it is linked to my bank account and I am afraid that somebody could get money out of my bank using this automatic login to the old account.
I have been trying to get some sense on this matter from PayPal, but it's just going round and round in never ending circles...they keep telling me to login to the Help Centre...and I keep telling them I CAN'T LOGIN...yes I'm shouting now because this situation is so darn frustrating, never mind the security issue.

I have phoned Paypal several times and always get put through to the automated voice that tells me to login to the Help that's useless...I have contacted them on Twitter and get the same result...I have sent emails to PayPal <removed> (can't remember if it's .com or what) I just don't know what to do now...but I need to get this account closed ASAP.   This has been going on way too long...I realise that the COVID pandemic has disrupted everything, but I don't want some opportunistic person to clear out my bank account using the old PayPal account.

I do hope someboy here knows how to help me...please.