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House number missing?

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House number missing?


This doesn’t happen all the time however appears to be becoming more frequent now and when it does it’s really frustrating... I have just made a purchase via PayPal of some furniture and when I received the confirmation my House Number was missing from the delivery and invoice address. I have double checked my account and the House is clearly stated on my account address details and doesn’t appear to be a different field from the street name - ie it’s all entered in the same box.

this now means I have to contact the supplier and get them to add in the house number. On a previous purchase I didn’t Spot this and the item ended up being stuck in the postal system as they didn’t know where to deliver it creating a massive delay in receiving the item. It doesn’t happen all the time so guessing it’s due to supplier system set up, however surely this should be checked when the supplier signs up to PayPal? Is there anything that can be done to stop this happening as is really frustrating/annoying when it happens....?..

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Re: House number missing?

Same problem -- my address is clearly "<removed>" -- for some reason packages are arriving (luckily!) with "<removed>".


Came here because <removed> fails.

The "contact us" field also fails (button click does nothing).



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