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Horrible support, totally stuck

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Horrible support, totally stuck

So I write here as a last ressort since Paypal apparantly has sourced out its support to volonteers. I am totally stuck in a loop trying to just close a deal using my paypal account. I had to change my account password.. so I did. Then it asks me for a confirmation using my cellular phone number wich i have changed due to job change... I cant off course, and in a very professional way “irony” PayPal does not supply another option, that is I am totally stuck. What does one do ? Contact support “we are here to help you” is the statement on the webpage. Well in DK after moving through a long line of auto questions on the phone support, i am simply kicked off the line “no staffers they state”. This happens again..... and again..... OK they tell me to go to the webpage and send the question using text. I do that, BUT they keep asking me to log in to ask a question...... that requires me to log in WHICH I CANT... that is the whole issue. So they have a closed loop going. Really professional. It’s simply mind boggling that a huge company can make a rookie mistake like this. In the mean time i can not use my account, and not close the deal i need to. Great job PayPal, but as you state, “we are here to help you”.... right.....

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Re: Horrible support, totally stuck



If you don't want ''volunteers'' to help you then best contact customer services.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.