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Home Address Confirming


Home Address Confirming

So they gave my account a limit which doesn't let me withdraw or spend money until I send some document to them (ID, linking my credit card and home address). The first 2 is done for now but they doesn't want to accept my home address nor send me a message it's not good. A week already passed and I contacted them via email but all I got is a bot respond which just tried to tell me how to add a new address to my account (yay). What should I do now?


Re: Home Address Confirming

When you write the support a mail, you'll first get an automatic response, you then need to respond to that automatic response and your mail will go to the queue where you will get a personal response to it.

So you have a KYC (know your customer) and need a POA (proof of address). If you have some kind of bill such as landline phone, electric bill, bank statement or any government document with following: your full name, date of issue on document, logotype of the institute/company and your address.

I don't know regarding your country, but in my country we can download a 'personal proof' document that is from the tax authoritys website that contain our name, address, date of issue and logotype of the tax authority.

You could always respond to the automatic response and ask for advice of document, maybe in your country you can request some document home or download one online. Or just fix some bank statement from your bank.

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Re: Home Address Confirming


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