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Help Please - telephone authentication problem


Help Please - telephone authentication problem

Hi everyone. Can someone assist please with a problem that is ongoing. I cannot access my account. I login and password is accepted. However, Paypal seem to have difficulties calling me on the telephone as part of the authentication process. My telephone is a landline number in the UK. On each occasion I enter my password and am advised that as part of the authentication process Paypal will call me and I should enter or state the four digit number generated. Unfortunately no telephone call comes through. No matter how many times I attempt to access  my account I end up not being able to progress because the call is not received. I have spoken to service centre staff on 5 occasions and they have advised that there seems to be a problem calling landline numbers (UK) and have raised a "ticket". I need to access my account as payments are being made to third parties. Can anyone help please?

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Re: Help Please - telephone authentication problem



They only use mobile phones for identification purposes now not landlines.

Needs to be issued in your country / registered in your name only / verified on your account.

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