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Help! Can't get in touch with PP rep. URGENT

New Community Member

Help! Can't get in touch with PP rep. URGENT

Dear PayPal Community:


We have a serious issue.  I work for a nonprofit organization that uses PayPal to receive donations through our website.  Our Executive Director was the main contact for PayPal.  He died. He used his personal phone and personal email for verification and communication purposes.  The family shut both down.


We continue to receive donations. I am a user so I continue to conduct business but we need to update the owner of the account to our current ED.  No where in any of the articles published by PP can I find a situation like this. I can't get in touch with the good folks at PayPal to get some answers.  Their phone has a message that they are way too busy to answer additional calls.  


What shall we do?????? Can anyone get this message to the PayPal for me?   Thanks for your help.



Re: Help! Can't get in touch with PP rep. URGENT

PayPal is not answering anything to anyone. It's a disgrace. You might send them a message through the message centre on this site, but last time I did that I literally had to wait three months (!) to get a reply!

The best of luck with the situation, PayPal leaves us to deal with issues on our own.