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Has PayPal "corrected" my address?


Has PayPal "corrected" my address?



I've just received a parcel from a vendor that has a misspelling in my address.  I've double-checked that my account is set up with the correct version (I live in the town of Helensburgh.  However, the printed address label named the town as Helensborough.


I'm assuming here that the vendor has printed the address directly from PayPal, without editing it in any way.  If it's not PayPal who are supplying the wrong address (and I doubt very much that the vendor has decided to make such a change) then which other company might be involved?  I'd like to find out who is responsible for messing up the name of my town so that I can ask them nicely to stop 🙂.


This isn't the first time that I've seen such a misspelling.  On a number of occasions in the recent past I have paid for goods with PayPal (from various sellers) and my address has been "corrected" in this manner.  Fortunately the local mail service has been able to deliver all my parcels despite this alteration, so in a sense there's no harm done.  However, it's mildly annoying and just wrong; this shouldn't be happening.


Thanks in advance for any useful information,




Re: Has PayPal "corrected" my address?

Hi @HDuggan,


I'm sorry to hear that the merchant sent an item to the incorrect address. The default address would not be changed at the creation of the label, but mailing addresses are editable by the seller when a label is created.


I hope this information helps!




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