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General Questions


General Questions

1. If I open PayPal account in Kuwait can I add a UK bank account? Because when I did it only allowed me to link a US one. 2. Can I open a UK account but use a Kuwait PO Box or a Kuwait adress in order to have the option to link my UK Bank account ? The problem I am having is not being able to add an international address or international mobile number. 3. Are there any taxes if I upgrade to a business account? Or If payment were made internationally? 4. Are there any charges on business account whether through PayPal payment or any other payment methods?

Re: General Questions

Hi Y2018, 


Welcome to the PayPal community forum. 


When you are opening a PayPal account you need to open it for the country that you are currently living in. You would also need to add financial information for that country as you would be unable to add a bank account from a different country than the account is opened in. So if you open an account in Kuwait you would not be able to add a UK bank account. You would have the option to add a US bank account as all accounts have this option. There are no extra charges for upgrading to a business account and all fees are the same regardless of the account type. If you are receiving international payment you may be charged a cross border along with the normal receiving fee. Please see our fees based on a UK account.


I hope this answers all of your questions.