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Forced to change password on every login?


Forced to change password on every login?

Got that forced password changing blues? Yep, Paypal "security" works on logarithms and not logic. Since it tries desperately to track you everywhere you go and everything you do as well as search all other sites like yahoo, facebook, twitter, ebay, etc for data to relate to you it is certain you will go into the Password Changing Blues. How bad it gets depends on how bad it gets.


Here are some things to try and figure out because I cant, they have no logic. To keep secure you should be wiping out your cookies and most of your history. Well, that may make YOU more secure, but not paypal. Paypal demands their cookies remain and even if you wipe out the cookies from your ebay or amazon account, you will fall into their trap of Password Changing Blues. Now you can set up paypal cookies to stay alive when you close your browser, but that will not get you singing freedom and kum bah yah. They depend on others cookies too! So, first thing to do if you are trying to stay secure is to NOT STAY SECURE and leave all cookies so that they can track you and do what they want. BUT, that will not assure you of going to the Password Changing Blues. No sireebob.


So you have your cookies alone on their own and thing, well I gave up security so I could log into paypal without having to change my password. NOPE! These days you use devices. A device is a mobile phone, tablet, home computer, gameboy, and dozens of other ways your life has been made easier and locked into the Password Changing Blues here at paypal. All you need to do is log in from one device and all others will be locked out until you play the Password Changing Blues. So while we all have multiple devices expect to be singing the blues forever here at Paypal.


You think you are okay unsecuring your browsers cookies and only using your desktop or a single device? Thinking is logical and I told you right from the start there is no logic here. You see, your wifi might switch your access or identify you as something else as it uses DHCP and that will, for the most part, give you an identity that will change and change is a signal for the Password Changing Blues.


Hey, if you are like me and travel - DOOM follows. You will never, ever, be allowed to login like the old days (that would be last year 2017 and before). You will be told NOTHING except your password and login name are not valid. You will be continually playing the Password Changing Blues every hour by the hour. Travel is the same as a VPN, you are always a stranger to Paypal and always play the Password Changing Blues game - ALWAYS!


Another bump in the road is using DSL or any connection that rotates your IP address. Because even if you have the same device with a cookie, a new IP, well, a new IP will cause you to sing that blues again, and again, forever.


There is no way out of this. I even made several calls and hit more walls trying to rid that song.


Ever try and call? Well you get someone who wants to ask you questions about your past, up to 20 years ago too. How they get that data? Searching social media! Now I am an old coot. I dont use social media, but that does not mean they dont have that data on my name. Unless you have a name like Zizzyszsk Quzzuslsakyszpa they will find you. It may not be you, but you will have to know who their friends, aunts and uncles are. They asked my wife's name - I have never been married. That's the kind of junk you can expect. It is almost as if they search your name, or have a program that does it, and does a best guess if it is you. Then all that data becomes yours, even though it is nothing to do with you. So memory is not good enough, you must know everything about anyone who has a name similar to yours!! Good luck with that.


Getting fed up with this garbage I called and then demanded a manager, and got one. That saved a lot of problems with the questions not being asked and just verifying account numbers, ss number, birth, mothers maiden, normal identifiers. It also got me almost 24 hours without the Password Changing Blues playing my mind away. But, here it is back again. Playing over and over and over.


I do not believe this will ever stop until the team they have devising  the security options here get a grip on logic or understand their customers, social media garbage, and open their minds to the mobility and multiple device issues. They must be figuring their security on the lowest denominator and that paypal users will not really complain they are dealt with a sledge hammer program instead of a delicate sophisticated answer to the issues.


If you find a way to stop the Password Changing Blues please let me know. Have pity on an orphan computer tech guy.