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Fed up of relentless “security”


Fed up of relentless “security”

How many times can a single VERIFIED account have problems due to Paypals dubious “security” checks. The answer is several times per day! Cant withdraw without oending due to “security”, cant send payments due to “security”, when payments eventually send they are held for 24 hours due to, you guessed it, “security” I am verified abd am literally sick to the bones of ringing paypal to try to resolve issues with my account that should be perfectly fine to use. Is it really that much to as for Paypal to complete a transactikn within their own stupid bloody policy? Send a payment instantly? Withdraw within 2 hours like they claim it “normally” does! Yes 5 months of being verified and in that tome only 1 withdrawal has met that time frame - everything else is a minimim of 24 hours but usually 72! Oh the interest these people must rake in is astounding! Seriously miffed even their own payments tram can ot resolve the issue because the “security” system wont allow them to get to the root of the problem! Perhaps reduce the amount of bots running your conpany paypal and give the actual people who we have to junp through hoops to contact a lottle bit of control instead of a script and a limited number of options? Seriously about to just close my account and stick with good old cash transactions but nooooo ebay and the like have us truly cornered in that aspect!
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Re: Fed up of relentless “security”



Withdrawals are 2-72 hours in the UK.

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