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Don’t have a mobile phone


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

So far, I can still log into my account by choosing Not now when Paypal asks me to confirm my mobile phone #. I put my landline # in some time ago & of course cannot confirm that as my mobile # because it can't receive texts but as yet I can still log in by  not confirming it. DK how long this work around will last & wish Paypal would do better by us since  it  provides a service I would like to continue to use but not by buckling under to an unreasonable demand that I acquire a phone I don't want.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Obvously Paypal doesn't give a damn about retired senior citizens. These are the people who are most likely not to have a cell phone.  To implement this cell phone ownership requirement in the middle of a pandemic when we are most vulnerable is the act of an evil, insensitive technocracy.  Other companies provide a work around such as alternate email addresses or a telephone recording providing an access number to a phone that cannot receive texts. I realize that you are too rich and powerful to have an individual's displeasure affect your bottom line, but someday you will receive your just rewards for abandoning us.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

The "solution" states that you have to have a mobile phone in order to access a PayPal account.  I will ignore the fact that, as I suffer from telephobia, this amounts to discrimination and concentrate on PayPal's own help pages.  These clearly state that it possible to enter a code on a landline - when you do so, however, you get a message saying that the code "does not match".  Is this system fault going o get sorted ?


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Have to say a lot of the more recent changes quite frankly...suck.


I used to reload my PayPal account with a card I bought in the store..then they got rid of that.  After that, I printed out a barcode associated with my account and took that to a participating store to have it scanned & then added cash to my account, then they did away with that...unless you had a mobile phone to keep doing it with of course.


PayPal has been asking me for months during login about providing a mobile # for phone I don't have.  I just selected not now and that worked till this evening. 

So providing my email, landline # and other identifying documents was good enough to verify myself (and my funding sources)...but one of them can't be used to verify me now!?


My PayPal Debit MasterCard linked to PayPal sometimes asks for verification and has done so by calling my landline # and giving me a code to enter online.

Why is that not an option here???


Sorry, but spending more money to buy & use something I don't already own and don't need just because PayPal wants me to is not a solution.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

I am having this exact same problem now.  In the past you could just say "remind me later" or some such thing.  I get the same garbage with my yahoo emails as well but those at least still allow the "remind me later" b.s.


Just tried to login to paypal but it is REQUIRING me to add a mobile phone # which I will NOT do under ANY circumstances.  


I have a landline associated with my account which Amazon for example lets me use to verify who I am, by leaving a voice code etc.


Unless PAYPAL fixes this ridiculous requirement now requiring users to give them a mobile # (many of us who do not even HAVE mobile phones) I'm done with them.  Go ahead and cancel my accounts.  Please.


I just tried calling them about this but their office is closed.  I will try again later but I am sure that will be a complete waste of time.  The problem with companies like these is they are run by 20-somethings who have no idea how the real world works or empathy for people that do not do everything the same brainwashed way that they do (using facebook, twitter, smartphones 24x7 etc).


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

"Then they did away with that, --  unless you have a mobile phone, of course."


Is PP trying to become a mobile only service??  From the constant "give us your mobile number - or else dire we'll cut you off from your money" demands.  And they are still denying account holders access to their accounts because they apparently cannot get any method other than mobile text message to work for PSD2.  They are the ONLY UK financial service company that have failed to roll out multiple methods of verification.


Again I ask myself (and PP) why are they are doing this when the use of SCA is still not mandatory for another six months?  


It can ONLY be to put the fear of God into as many account holders as possible and force them to comply, there is no other reason why PP should be separating people from their money months in advance of this deadline.


Now they have changed strategy.  Every time I log-in I'm offered £5 to download the (mobile) App.


Then there are the recent User Agreement updates where it seems that PP has decided that anyone selling anything on a private account will be required to upgrade to a merchant account to receive payments (other than F&F).   To do this "further information will have to be given to PP".  Although there is no mention of what this information is.  Would I be wrong to assume that this is just another way of bullying people into handing over a mobile number as it will become apparent that upgrading a private account is impossible without supplying a mobile number?


Simply by forcing private account holders into becoming merchants in a bid to circumvent the UK FCA guidelines that say consumers should be offered more than one method of completing SCA, something that is probably not required for business account holders.  Unless PP wants to get rid of all its account holders without mobile phone or access to mobile signals, it is playing a dangerous game trying to mess with the FCA.



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Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

i don't have a cell phone and do not wish to have one. for years, i have backed out

of the cell phone # request page...i can no longer do that. i do all of my business 

through paypal, and i no longer have acess to my account even though paypal has

my email address and landline #. i guess robots cannot verify me through my email?

why not?


it looks like i have to go back to snail mail and checks. it also looks like i will be 

buying a lot fewer things on-line. i will not be getting a cell phone just because 

paypal requires me to have one. i have been doing business with paypal for 11

years now, and i think this really, really sucks. i never had an issue with paypal,

never had a fraud claim. this is nonsense.

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Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Possible solution that just worked for me:


Enter your landline # where it asks for the mobile phone # (your 3 digit area code + whatever your 7 digit landline # is). 

Then select the "Call you with a code" option. 


Your screen will then show a code, in my case it was 4 numbers.  My landline phone rang and I put that code in and was instantly back in my account.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

It's good news if you can now enter your landline number, as it didn't use to accept that. Since BT landlines in the UK - and I suspect most other landlines too - are capable of converting incoming texts into voice calls, there was never a good reason not to accept a landline number. It would have been nice if Paypal had publicised the change.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Thanks to AJ above.  His solution worked for me.


I entered my HOME/landline # in the box.


I clicked the "call me with a code" link.


The PC screen then showed a 4 digit number.


My phone rang.


I answered it and a female robot identified herself as paypal's phone confirmation etc whatever and asked me to enter my confirmation code.


I entered that code from the PC screen via the phone.


The female robot did some sezy oohs & ahs then told me I was great & completed the phone confirmation progress, and the paypal then proceeded to log me into my account (OK I'm slightly kidding but that is basically what happened).


Pretty damn confusing (& the opposite of how some other vendors have implemented this, where the PC screen clearly gives you the option of them calling you with a code, you answering the phone, the robot on the other end telling you the code, then you enter the code into the PC and yer done).


At least this works now & I don't have to keep pulling my hair out & scream at them to delete my accounts.


P.S. When answering your phone you have to say something (hello, hoi hoi, whatever) for the robot to start talking.