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Disable One Touch - Permanently!


Disable One Touch - Permanently!

Hello, fellow PayPal folks.

Okay, I'm new to the community, so my options are limited. I would like to permanently disable 'One Touch,' so if anybody knows a solution, I would appreciate your feedback. Seemingly, this feature suspiciously is turned on without my knowledge or at the very least; it's easily enabled without me being aware of it.  This seems to be by design, and it's quite annoying.


 I'm pretty darn tech-savvy, and I've been a PayPal full-featured user for several years. For the most part, I like the services very well, but I don't appreciate the manner in which 'One Touch' is so easily enabled.

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Re: Disable One Touch - Permanently!

I have noticed this too, but, unfortunately, don’t have the answer. Let’s hope someone else knows more on this topic than both of us.