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Deposit money on Pay Pal Business (Croatia -EU)

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Deposit money on Pay Pal Business (Croatia -EU)

Hy I'm from Croatia EU and I have converted my pay pal personal to business now. Then I've noticed that I cant add (deposit) money on it like I was able to do in personal pay pal. 


When I try to add my bank account there is only option and example for US bank, but I'm from Croatia Europe and we have different bank accounts. Is there somehow another way to deposit money on my pay pal business.


Let me know

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Re: Deposit money on Pay Pal Business (Croatia -EU)


Paypal is country specific, so not all countries have ''all'' the paypal services.

However as paypal is a U.S company it allows its ex-pats to link their bank accounts to any other countries paypal account, if they are working or living in that country. However the U.S bank account option is not for normal citizens of that country.

In your country you are only able to link a card and not a bank account.


Click on the link below and select the country you want from the drop down list for options available in that country.

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