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Delayed Code for Lifting of Spending Limit


Delayed Code for Lifting of Spending Limit

I couldn't complete a transaction because I had reached my spending limit. I followed the process to lift the limit by confirming my card. I received a notice of the charge to my card and have been expecting the code since. It was supposed to have arrived in 3-5 business days. The notice to expect my verification code was on Thursday 13 August 2020. However, today is Monday 24 August 2020...and still I have not received the code to this very moment. Please help me confirm my card and send me the code. I am close to deadline for renewing my subscription. Help please. I am really frustrated and disappointed.

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Re: Delayed Code for Lifting of Spending Limit



Are you adding a credit card?

Only in your country you can't add a debit card so you won't get the code.

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