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Customer Service Unreachable & Verification Issue.

New Community Member

Customer Service Unreachable & Verification Issue.

Is there an alternative to uploading a social security card for verification?

I sat down at work the other day and let my phone stay on hold with Paypal, after three hours I still couldn't get a hold of someone. I understand limiting staff but there is a point where you have someone else's money and they can't even get a hold of you to sort stuff out.

I'm just frustrated at this point because I don't have a social security card and honestly I wouldn't be comfortable uploading it to Paypal either way. At this point I will be using money gram instead but I still have funds in PayPal that I can't access due to a KYC block that need to be released or returned to the original senders so I can figure out another option.

Please help me kind Paypal Community!