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Contacting with Paypal by email?

New Community Member

Contacting with Paypal by email?

Hi all,

How can I contact with Paypal by email?

I have to issue with paypal.

I have to buy online and use payment by Paypal. On Paypal history, has only 1 transaction but mybank display has 3 transaction <=> on Paypal display I have 1 transaction $100. On mybank display I have 3 transaction $100 (I lost $300).


So I want contact with Paypal by email about this issue.


Email, but no use

You find the link to contact the support at the left bottom of you account pages. But I can tell you, most probably they doesn't help you whatsoever. They gouing to answer with an email containing copied and pasted general information, and nothing that apply specifically to your problem. And whan you reply on that, they never going to send you further answers. The customer support at PayPay is a disaster.