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Constant security prompts


Constant security prompts

So I'm having a bit of a weird issue. Firstly, chrome updated on my main desktop PC a day or two ago. Since then, I've no longer been able to use one touch, have to log in every time when making a purchase. I tried disabling it to see if it would prompt me to re-enable it, but never did. I tried revoking it as a trusted device, but that just caused me to have to input a code every single time, even after re-enabling it as a trusted device. I also started getting security prompts when logging in.


I cleared my cookies, and this seems to have made my device actually trusted again, no longer need to do 2FA for every login, but now I'm having an issue with it constantly giving me security prompts when logging in. Usually it will be a captcha prompt, followed by one of those "enter these random series of numbers and letters that are a bit distorted" prompts.


The weird thing is, I am only getting this on my desktop PC, not getting the issue at all on my laptop, even though I also revoked it as a trusted device (re-enabled it since). Both computers are accessing the internet through the same router, and therefore have the same public IP, so I doubt that's the issue.


Anyone know why this is? I don't think I've ever even seen security prompts when logging into paypal before.