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Confirm identity and account change to personal

New Community Member

Confirm identity and account change to personal

Dear Team,


I would like to seek assistance on this matter. Recently I have received an email pertaining to identify confirmation. I have successfully uploaded the PDF file. But I forgot that it requires a password to open (utility bill). My main problem is that I initially set this account up as Business Account. Technically speaking, it appears that I own the company which I am not. I didn't know how to set up a personal account then. I immediately set it up since it is a requirement for my online job. 


Now, I am afraid that your investigation team might think that the utility bill I sent is not addressed to the company I work with. In fact, that is my personal address. I do not have the utility bill for the company. What am I supposed to do? I want to change the account from business to personal so it would show that I am the PayPal owner and not the company. That I do not own the company and I am just an employee.


Your assistance would be highly appreciated.


Thank you,

Pamela <removed>