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Closing and opening account immediately


Closing and opening account immediately

Hi, I have closed my account today due to some doubt and have immediately opened another account with the same email and same address. now I am unable to add my Bank account to this and also my card. it says "Please check the information and Try again" for bank and "Your card has been declined" for adding my same card. Has anyone faced this issue and what could be done now in case this was a mistake?


Re: Closing and opening account immediately

Yeap you will have to contact paypal and explain your situation. You can't have bank info on 2 different emails, unless you link them. Same with Ebay. I had my cousin buy stuff using my ebay. Then I bought stuff using same ebay but my paypal 4 years later he moved and made his own Ebay but used same paypal. We both got flagged and frozen and had to prove we are in fact 2 different people.