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Closing account via European Data Laws

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Closing account via European Data Laws

Hello, I am not able to close my account. I am resident of European Union. Account has been created 2013 and never used (up to my memory). I keep receiving spam e-mail from paypal which I can´t get rid now. Now I managed to log-in, but I can´t close my account. My account is in limited-status, but this is not valid reason.


As, there is no simple way to remove my personal data or delete my account and data nor there is no simple way to get contact with Paypal representatives I am forced to write complaint to EU EDPS (EUROPEAN DATA PROTECTION SUPERVISOR) due to violation of personal data usage. Has anyone any prior experience how long the process takes? Or can simply say how to "close account" without sending my personal data to Paypal, because I believe Paypal has used it wrongly, shared with 3rd party marketers. Also, any previous court cases would be helpful as well, it could go that road too.


Re: Closing account via European Data Laws

Hi @nonedummy,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to close your account. You can make a request to remove your data through the link in the Privacy Policy, which can be found by clicking Legal at the bottom of the PayPal website. Limited accounts may not be able to be closed due to the need for security and protection of the PayPal environment.


I'm sorry for the frustration that this situation has caused you.




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