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Close account

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Close account


I want to close my paypal account since I move to a new country

But before I can close my account, it shows like this:

"You still have money in your balance to spend before your account can be closed. To transfer it, go to your Wallet."

The thing is the money in my account is only 1.76 USD which I cant do anything, cant even transfer it 

What should I do then?

I tried to contact paypal but cant find their email. They are so hard to reached. no phone number, no email

Thanx guys

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Re: Close account



Why don't you get a family member or mate to use the friends/family option if available in your country and using the free funding source 'send' a payment to your account to bring it above the minimum so you can transfer or spend the funds.


Or can you send it to a mate that has a USD currency on their paypal account?

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