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Click Worker having account verification issues with PayPal

New Community Member

Click Worker having account verification issues with PayPal

Hello there. I recently signed up to Click Worker which requires PayPal to sent payment to me. I input my PayPal email address but when I tried to confirm the PayPal account data it gave me an error:


" Your PayPal account is not verified, yet. Unverified PayPal accounts can not receive payments from us. To enable it for payments, please go to, log into your account and perform the necessary actions to verify it. If you have problems figuring out how to verify your PayPal account, please get in touch with PayPal customer support. Once the verification is successfully done, please come back here and repeat the confirmation to update your data and unlock clickworker payments."


It seems that there is an entry in the community about the same issue so I read the solutions proposed by PayPal employee:

- Verify your account by either adding and confirming a bank account

- Keeping your PayPal account up to date.

- Make sure your profile includes your current address, phone number, and personal information.


I did all the above mentioned, press the confirm the PayPal account data button on Click Worker again, same error.  If you want to confirm my  identity to ensure I am the one authorizing activity in your PayPal account then I need assistance. Please help.