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Changing Primary Email Contact


Changing Primary Email Contact

Our corporate account is for a nonprofit organization.  The Treasurer of the organization, who has used her personal email account on the corporate PayPal account, is retiring and will no longer have responsibility for the account.  We must remove her name and substitute the new treasurer's name or some other generic email, but PayPal's policies state that we cannot change the name and email address of the primary.  So how do we handle this?

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Changing Primary Email Contact

For the email you can add the new email and verify it. Then set it as the primary.

The old one would now be secondary, and could be removed. That said, if anybody is in a habit of sending payments to that email, you'll want to make sure they know to use the new email from that point on.

For the name, you should be able to change it, but that might require a phone call and some documentation.

Angell EYE -
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