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Card and Verification Issues

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Card and Verification Issues

To whom it may concern:



Good day!

I am Delaine<removed>, a new user from the Philippines. I went through several threads in the PayPal Community to find out

  1. How to verify my PayPal account, in concrete steps;
  2. How to link my debit card; and
  3. What is my bank's PayPal code

So far, I am yet to find answers connected to my case. Most of the threads talked about second-time cardholders having their cards declined. In my case, this is my first PayPal account, and I am trying to link my first card. However, it keeps getting declined.

Is a debit card necessary to verify the PayPal account, or is the linked bank account enough?

Why does my debit card keeping getting declined, when all of my information has matched up the information in my bank?

It would be very nice if the questions I have listed above could get an answer. PayPal's page only has a link that says I need to "follow the necessary steps," but this link leads me to my account summary page which I have already completed.


I appreciate your help. God bless us during this pandemic.


Respectfully yours,