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Cant confirm email and receive the money

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Cant confirm email and receive the money

Hello, I made a new PayPal account separate from work and put in one of my random emails, A friend sent me a lot of money but I never recieved it and later found out I need to confirm my email, so I went to confirm it and turns out the email is unrecoverable, my friend can't request the money back and I can't issue him a refund before I confirm my email, I added a new email address and confirmed it and then made it my primary address but that did not send me the money probably because it was sent to the first email, can anyone tell me how I can solve this?

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Re: Cant confirm email and receive the money



What does it say next to the transaction in your friends paypal account?

Payment / sent / complete / pending / unclaimed / cancel option?

Also did he send it f/f or g/s?

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