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Cannot log into PayPal on new desktop PC

New Community Member

Cannot log into PayPal on new desktop PC

I go a new desktop PC after my old one died. I can log into PayPal on my laptop just fine, but on new desktop, after I enter username and password, it goes to a screen titled QUICK SECURITY CHECK - we just need some additional info to confirm it's you. - Receive a text - Please add a phone.

It does not show the mobile number that is associated with my account and gives me the option to ADD A PHONE

When I try to add my mobile number - I get a green check the goes to message that this type of number is not supported - and I am stuck. The number is a google voice number.

My browser is Google Chrome and I have same issue with MS Edge. I have cleared all cookies. 

What is up with this?

Glad I can still log in on my laptop and mobile app


Re: Cannot log into PayPal on new desktop PC

Consider yourself lucky andmoveon paypal is terrible, you would be better off just withdrawing money and burning it