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Cannot close my account


Cannot close my account

I opened this account over a year ago for my business to test payment processing from PayPal to my WooCommerce online store.

When the company was finally incorporated, I opened the "official" PayPal account but now I cannot close this one.

I get the following message: 


"Your account can’t be closed"

"Please contact Customer Service to resolve outstanding issues with your account."


The problem that there is no way of being able to contact anyone via:

Phone, Message, and email.

So I cannot resolve the issue at this point.

Is there another way to get this issue to them or should I just leave it like this until they notice that it is "inactive" and close it on their own?

I do not have any funds in the account so I do not really care at this point but I just want things to be done properly.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Your help would be most appreciated.