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Cannot add PIN number to Android App

New Community Member

Cannot add PIN number to Android App

I've followed the directions repeatedly on my Android Pay Pal App, but they no not match what happens which is:

Here's how to add a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to your PayPal mobile app:
  1. Using your mobile device, log in to your PayPal mobile app. ...
  2. Select Settings (cog in upper right corner)  Login and Security.
  3. (Click Change your PIN) does not exist.  All there is is Use Your PIN.  "Next time, log in faster using your PIN."
  4. When you swipe it, a message appears for less than a second: "Change Your PIN" - but it swipes aside and leaves you with an information screen -- NExt Time, log in faster using your PIN.  NOT NOW or USE YOUR PIN -- neither of which do anything at all Other than "Next time you can log in using your pin.

So, the instructions provided by PayPal are inaccurate and as of now there is no way to change your app PIN number.


Re: Cannot add PIN number to Android App

Where is the answer to this?