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Cannot Access Account


Cannot Access Account

Can anyone help me as I am pulling my hair out here......

I cannot access my account as Paypal now use a authentication service (which is great) but.....All the contact number s on my account are out of date so I cannot receive a text or a call as none of the numbers are active.


I have tried calling PayPal but after 15 mins trawling through the auto system I eventually got an auto message saying they cant help me and the line went dead....


Next I tried chat....which asked for my log in....Argghh then it asked me to verify on my phone...see above....eventually I managed to get a chat window open without logging in but the person on the chat just sent me a password reset..which I completed then guess what it asked to verify by phone.....So I went back on the chat and I was told they cant help me as they cannot change the phone number on my account.....

I just cant see what to do next....I have funds sitting in my account I need to withdraw......

Please help me!



New Community Member

Re: Cannot Access Account

Same with me. I cannot access my account as Paypal now use a new authentication service. Acording to them this service will randomly, from time to time, ask for additional authentication. Today they ask for it. But my phone number is not outdated, and no call at all just screen with decline note. They should call and ask for code (appears on screen for few swconds) but nothing!!! No way to go tu my account an put my second phone number (if this is problem). Resolution center option send me back to login screen so endless loop started! 

Now try to send mail to them on some old adress I find in my inbox. Frustrating, painfully frustrating!!

Waiting to se if something changes. In midtime find some money was used from bank card I have conected with PayPal account. But now no way to check this suspicious situation!