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Canadian users PayPal Business debit/credit Mastercard closed for no reason? Am I alone??


Canadian users PayPal Business debit/credit Mastercard closed for no reason? Am I alone??

I received a e-mail informing me my card is no longer usable which I'll include here:

We've received your request to close a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard® tied to your account. There are several possible reasons this card may have been closed, including: 

  • You reported your card lost or stolen
  • You recently activated a replacement card
  • A replacement card with a new card number was sent but never activated

If you believe this action was done in error, please contact us as soon as possible


Now considering I didn't request any such thing to be done and none of the other 3 possible reasons occurred either I was essentially informed it's due to a policy change?! I've had an account almost 2 decades now.. and the debit card close to as long... and always valued it as one of the primary reasons I've stuck with PayPal up till now. So my question is wide reaching was this in... has this happened to you as well?...(please comment if so) and what's the explanation/upside for PayPal in doing this? I can't understand why it was done and am quite upset that it has been...why risk losing long term patrons for the sake of mailing a card to Canada (which I know isn't any harder today than it's been for the last ten years plus they've done it for me?) And shouldn't it deserve a personalized apology response that at least includes a copy of the new policy change and date it came into effect with part of how it affects Canadian PayPal Debit card holders highlighted....? All I got was the confusing/upsetting email shown , the vague change of policy explanation once I called the number provided and told to visit resolution center if it still was an issue. Surely saving postage to Canada for a card can't outweigh losing customers in long standing...I guess I'm saying misery loves company... as I'd like to try to get a feel as to how many others were effected in exactly the same way...a somewhat less perplexing explanation... and perhaps the possibility of a group action that could possibly garner reconsideration on PayPals part? This is simply unacceptable as losing a credit card for no reason really rubs me the wrong way.