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Can't login to my account for over 6 mouths and paypal will not help me, need help.

New Community Member

Can't login to my account for over 6 mouths and paypal will not help me, need help.

For over half a year I been trying to get into my account with over 300$ in it. (I had to make a second account to post this)

Every time I login PayPal tells me I need to update my password and needs to send a text to a old phone I do not have.

I'm deaf so calling PayPal is not an option. I got rid of the phone as I had little need for it being deaf. I tied to get the number back but was unable too.

I have tried having a friend call PayPal and he got the run around, the first time they would not help because he gave him his name and not mine so we tried again a few days latter. That time he used my name but they question how I was calling as I had been trying to get help from PayPal via twitter and told them I was deaf and would not help claiming I had to call from the number on file. Me and my friend tried to contact PayPal both on phone and twitter quite a few times after that, But we got nowhere. PayPal would just not help.

I opened not one not 2 but 3 BBB cases, the first one stated I had to call them. I told them I was deaf and could not and they stopped replying. The second case they told me I did not own the account and was making the complainant on the behalf of someone ease and told me my account belonged to a Ms. Anny. I told them they were wrong and to double check their info. They replay back stating I was not Danny or Anny and that my identity was made up and they would not help me. The 3'rd complainant they did not reply too.  Before I stat a 4th BBB case. Dose anyone have any help or advice they can give me? 

Thanks. a