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Can't close my account


Can't close my account

I recieved a suspect email from Paypal limiting my account and asking for more Paypal information shortly after opening the account. I have never used the account. I have heard of fraudulent paypal emails asking for more personal details and saying your account will be frozen if you do not provide them. So I just want to close my account. Nothing else, just close it. But you won't, saying you need more personal information from me. How do I know this is not fradulent? No I'm not sending you photos of my licence and credit cards. Just close my account please.
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Re: Can't close my account



If the email directed you to log in normally and NOT via any link in that email AND the information is in your paypal message centre or in the resolution centre then its real.


If its a spoof DO NOT click on any link or reply.

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