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Can't change first name and I need to upload SSN for 1099


Can't change first name and I need to upload SSN for 1099

I received over 20k this year selling my stuff on Ebay so now Paypal demands that I upload my Social Security Number. They have no blocked my paypal account from taking payments on ebay so I can't sell anything until this is solved.


The problem here is that I created this account when I was underage back in 2004 and I used my Mothers name since it was her credit card we used to buy stuff. My mother never used paypal, it was just her credit card linked to the account until I was old enough to get my own. We have the same last name but the first name is totally different (so I can't use the 1 or 2 character change). So I tried the other name change method and I've uploaded pictures of my driver's license, passport, and bank statement that is linked to my paypal account. After 2 or 3 days I get denied. I can't email or get a response from a real person. Paypal's customer service is the absolute worst as I'm sure many here know.


I feel forced to upload my SSN anyway, even if the account is under her name and my name is not. What will that cause to happen with the 1099? Will it be sent to her or will it somehow end up to me since that is indeed my SSN. I'm hoping for the latter because I don't want my mother to receive a 1099 or any kind of tax burden. Using her SSN is NOT an option.


What do you think I should do since paypal won't let me change my name? Should I go ahead and upload my SSN anyway? Also what would happen if I just ignore this completely? Would my mother or myself receive a 1099 in that case? Thank you for reading my entire message and I really appreciate your opinions and advice!