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Can't access 2nd account

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Can't access 2nd account

I have 2 PayPal accounts, one for Australian currency and the other for UK currency. Lately I can't login to the UK account. I tried resetting the password but one of the steps involves PayPal phoning me on a UK landline, which is useless as I am in Australia.

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Re: Can't access 2nd account



Paypal is country specific so if you move countries you have to open another paypal account in the country you reside in and add an address / phone number / and bank accounts from within that country.

You can keep the other one open but don't try to use it internationally or paypal security will be triggered and it may be limited.

Also you are only allowed 2 paypal accounts if 1 is business and the other 1 is personal, if you have 2 of the same kind you risk both being limited.

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Re: Can't access 2nd account

When you say "use it internationally", do you mean using it to pay for something in a different currency from the one for which the account is based? Or do you mean using an account based in a country in which I am not living?

I'm originally from the UK and had a PayPal account there. I moved to Australia a few years ago and opened a new PayPal account, but kept the old UK one too. I use the Aus account mainly for shopping on eBay, whether paying in Aus dollars, US dollars, Euros or whatever. But if I am buying something from the UK it seems preferable to use UK currency, so I use the UK account instead. Is that reasonable?