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Can I skip the Proof of Bank "document" type ??


Can I skip the Proof of Bank "document" type ??

Hey there I am new to PayPal. I did all my verification process including adding my bank, verifying it, all other proof or social proof documents etc.

Except in the identity document - Proof of bank I choose the document bank statement and was having some issues. (I provided what was required there but PayPal emailed me saying that the resolution is blurry or the statement was not 6 months old. It turns out my bank statement was new and recently I had no other transactions so I considered  it will be useless to add it again thus PayPal will emailing me the same thing ).  Will I be able to receive/send money properly and will I face any trouble if I skip only this document (bank statement)??


Please reply (to anyone reading this) . It would help a lot

Thank you for your time