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Business account: added EIN, how to remove SSN?

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Business account: added EIN, how to remove SSN?

Hello all,


I originally registered my business account with my SSN for my sole proprietorship. Shortly thereafter, I decided to register a trade name (DBA name) and get an EIN through the IRS. I've added the EIN to my account profile for tax reasons, as I want to keep the accounting separate from my personal finances.


Because I've supplied my EIN to PayPal, which is a legal and valid piece of tax information to supply, I'd like to remove my SSN. I do not want PP to accidentally issue me tax documentation with my SSN on it as it would confuse my business accounting and tax filing.


Re: Business account: added EIN, how to remove SSN?

Me Too

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Re: Business account has EIN, Must remove SSN -- and not reclassify biz debt as personal!!!

why hasn't PayPal staff addressed this yet?
Their staff lie and claim you can close the account and restart it without the SSN,

but i did that (on ONE of our THREE Business Accounts) and quickly learned that what the supervisor and manager at PayPal haad told me -- PayPal REQUIRES your SSN despite having a Federal EIN and a business classifies as a separate legal entity.

Why do i care? Because when i paid off my BUSINESS CREDIT on PayPal it showed up as a PERSONAL DEBT because these f-ing a-holes intentionally used my SSN to reclassify the debt -- major f-ing fraud people! The worst part is that their staff don't give a $#!+ if they lose customers, and their staff have no compunction about hanging up on customers, because there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY in this company whatso ever!
Spent over 30 hours on the phone within 10 business days trying to find ANYONE in the company who can do ANYTHING, all to no avail.

We really despite this company, and are looking for alternatives so we no longer have to associate with this unethical and apathetic 'business' called PayPal.

WTF PayPal? Get your $#!+ together!