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Blocked...and PayPal do nothing

New Community Member

Blocked...and PayPal do nothing

 my curent account is blocked, with an important amount.

no obvious reasons so I call them, and they find out that a very old account that I dont use for at least 3 years is in debit of 300 euros, hence why they blocked my current account.

Fine, they can just take the money from current account and case is finished. phone they asked me to send an email telling I authorize them to do that transfer..I did.

since news, useless by phone, and by mail I just have automatic answer telling things if it was the guest contact when actually the solution is found  it is just that they dont use it!!!

 I seriously consider to quit definitely PayPal as I can understand issue happens, but ca not accept that more than 1 week has been wasted since they proposed themselves a solution, and that it is al blocked with zero progress and with no cluse when it will be unblocked!

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