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Block the possibility of using the account

New Community Member

Block the possibility of using the account

my account has been blocked! because they noticed a strange activity !! But in fact I did not do any activity contrary to the original, I did not use paypal Since more than a month !! The Problem is they did not tell me what this strange activity! There may be someone using my account! I must know this strange activity! Why are they blocking the account so without warning? Please I need help to resolve this problem. Thanks

Re: Block the possibility of using the account

Hi ahmed_hashim, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member! 


If PayPal detects someone may be trying to access your account a limitation will be placed and you will be required to complete the steps listed in the Resolution Centre. A detailed description of the unauthorized activity will not be provided to you but I would recommend checking your account activity to ensure no payments have been made that you do not recognise. If there are payments showing on your activity that you are not aware of please follow these steps to report them to us:


- Siobhan