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Beneficial Owner/Shareholder Update - IMPOSSIBLE to do

New Community Member

Beneficial Owner/Shareholder Update - IMPOSSIBLE to do

Just setting up our business account and they are asking for shareholder details over 25%, I had them in there but they have mysteriously disappeared and now when I go to readdressing them I only get the 'Add Executive' or 'Add an Authorised Representative' neither of which allow me to add a % of the shareholdings to. When it SHOULD go to option 3 - add Shareholder it just goes to a summary.


This system is not fit for purpose, the customer service is a disgrace and the fact that you can't actually speak to a human being is unacceptable. There is clearly enough work for them NOT to be on furlough and sponging off the taxpayers whilst annoying the life out of us at the same time.


I need to get past this as they have money on hold that I need to access. Basically they are withholding monies from me and not helping to get them released - surely that's theft???


I have tried on both Safari AND Chrome so its not browser related - it's just their stupid useless software.


Any help gratefully received.